Emergency? Dial (212) 854-5555.   State the location and nature of the emergency.



Contacting CUEMS for an Emergency

Call us at (212) 854-5555 and provide the nature and location of the emergency.  Please remain on the line until the operator tells you to hang up. 

Ambulance Service and Emergency Medical Treatment

Columbia University EMS is a Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance service staffed by New York State-certified Emergency Medical Technicians. The corps consists of roughly 40 EMTs on staff, providing 24/7 emergency medical service. CUEMS provides free basic emergency medical treatment and transport and serves the greater Columbia Community around the Morningside Heights Campus.

Special Events

CUEMS can provide medical personnel for athletic and special events. Our staff has extensive experience covering University-wide events such as Commencement, football games, Bacchanal, and others. CUEMS can be hired to cover your event if available. Prices will vary based on the date, expected attendance, and available and reuqired resources. For more information for quote, please contact cuems@columbia.edu.

Course Details

CUEMS sponsors several students for an EMT course run by Emergency Care Programs. Classes start at the beginning of every semester and the summer. All those interested in the sponsorship or more information about the EMT course should email cuems@columbia.edu. Be sure to look out for announcements on our Website for details close to the end of every semester, as well as announcements about on-campus info sessions pertaining to the course. The dates, times, and location of the semester's EMT course will be announced on our Website when the details become available.