Medical Board

Medical Board

  • Zo is a junior at Barnard College double majoring in Biology and Archaeology. They joined CUEMS in February 2020. Beyond EMS, Zo conducts zoo-archaeological research and volunteers as a contact tracer. They also like to knit. 

  • Talia is a senior at Barnard studying pre-med and majoring in Political Science. She joined CUEMS in February 2019. Beyond EMS, Talia conducts immunology research within the biomedical engineering department and is an active member of Jewish life at Columbia.

  • Sonia is a junior at Barnard majoring in Spanish and Latin American Cultures and is on the pre-medical track. Sonia joined CUEMS in the fall of 2019. When she’s not busy driving an ambulance or taking care of patients, you are most likely to find her petting dogs on the streets of New York City. Sonia also loves hiking, dancing, and pizza. 

  • Liz is a senior at Barnard College studying Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a minor in Chemistry. She has been working with CUEMS since September 2018. Beyond CUEMS, Liz is an aspiring physician and Feminist Science and Technology Studies scholar.

  • Lili Ladner is a senior at Barnard College who has been a member of CUEMS since February 2018. She is majoring in Neuroscience & Behavior but will probably light up if you talk about her German minor. Or ketamine. When she is not in uniform, Lili can be found in the lab, researching ketamine, or lost on a run in Central Park.

  • Joseph is a senior at Columbia College studying Biology. While not in uniform, Joseph can be found cooking, petting dogs on campus, or singing with Columbia #|SHARP A Cappella. 

  • Grace is a member of the Columbia College class of 2022. She is completing a major in Neuroscience and Behavior with a Special Concentration in Public Health. Grace joined CUEMS in September of 2019. She conducts neurology research, leads backpacking trips for the Columbia Outdoor Orientation Program, and bartends for the Columbia Bartending Agency.

  • Dana is a senior at Barnard College majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Psychology. She joined CUEMS in Spring 2019. Outside of CUEMS, Dana is an aspiring physician who conducts hearing research in a biochemistry lab and is a member of Student Government Association at Barnard.

  • Colman Adams is a senior in GS/JTS who has volunteered for CUEMS since September of 2018. He studies political science, economics, and Jewish history and loves discussions on Jews in medieval Spain! Outside of the ambulance Colman can be found at the Dunkin under Plimpton, or at his favorite library, Butler.   

  • Brian is a senior at Columbia College double majoring in Biology and Medicine, Literature and Society. He joined CUEMS in February 2019. Beyond EMS, Brian conducts Neuroscience & Behavior and Pediatric Psychology research, and volunteers with hospice care.

  • Aliza is a junior at Barnard studying Neuroscience and Chemistry. She joined CUEMS in the spring of 2020. Outside of her work with CUEMS, Aliza provides free college counseling to high school students from across the country through Columbia Matriculate and works in a CUMC lab. When Aliza grows up she wants to adopt a cat, dog, and at least eight chickens. 

  • Alice Sardarian is a senior at Barnard College majoring in Physiological & Organismal Biology. She joined CU-EMS in September 2017. Beyond EMS, Alice is an aspiring physician-scientist and a Beckman Scholar, conducting Neuroscience & Behavior research.

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